Saturday, March 19, 2011

Next Magazine Sex Issue!

Our exciting adult playground was used as the location to shoot Next magazine's Sex Issue, coinciding with the Black Party Weekend.

I figured I should jump on this since they published a link to this blog!
And the previous entry about Grandma sex wasn't exactly enticing (skip that one, please!)

P.S. I had one favorite model, a flirty young man who sat on my lap during part of the photoshoot, but I'll let y'all try to figure out who that was.
A clue: Who's the bottom in these photos? (It's not difficult to figure out!)

Oh, and Jeff shot a little video to accompany the shoot.
Here's a link to that:

And here are the images that talented photographer Jeff Eason (of WilsonModels) took.
His website is at:

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